Whether you're a vlogger, beauty guru, or DIY master, look your best on camera! Master lighting yourself regardless of your genre or location. Get to know production lighting equipment and techniques as well as light shaping and modifying to get the best look possible. This is an intermediate level workshop for creators ready to up their lighting techniques with basic studio lighting of the sorts available at

cinematography seminar workshop

Feature 1

Learning Objectives -Identify different types of lights and their uses

-Identify different light modifiers and their uses

-Set up a simple soft key interview look

-Set up a simple beauty look

-Set up a dramatic interview look

-Balance lighting for location light

Feature 2

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lighting workshop

location shooting cinematography seminar


Cohlie is an NYC-based director, cinematographer, and writer. As CEO and Creative Director at Ticking Clock, a boutique creative agency and production company, Cohlie’s focus is crafting work with care and passion. His story development and cinematography have afforded him the opportunity to work with wonderful causes and clients such as MTV, WeWork, Time, New York Comic Con, ESPN, RedBull and to shoot interviews with a long roster of celebrities including Oprah, Patrick Stewart, Natalie Portman, and the Obamas in the White House. His most recent work includes The Accidental Wolf, a digital series cited by the New York Times as a series to watch. Cohlie operates on the principle that kindness, diligence, and humor are key to any effective work environment.