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International students summer filmmaking program


Lucas M.

The IFI Summer Film Intensive was easily one of the best experiences of my life. The lessons and co-ordination of course material flowed extravagantly, and the staff are amazingly friendly and dedicated to helping the students achieve to their greatest potential. You will find yourself becoming interested in fields that you never thought would appeal to you, for example, lessons as seemingly trivial as 'lighting workshops' were fascinating and extremely important when becoming comfortable and knowledgeable with film equipment and terminology. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is unsure of whether they want to pursue film in the future, or even if it is more of an underscored passion of yours that you'd like to elaborate on.


Tallulah S.

This is truly an exceptional program. I had no prior experience in filmmaking before I came, and when I left, I had written, directed, and edited a film I was proud of and had gained a breadth of knowledge on so many areas of the film making process. There was amazing staff who we seemingly always had access to, who always had excellent insights and really pushed students to do better. Not only was the staff great, but learning alongside others was incredibly informative as well. We were always helping each other with our screen playing through table reads and peer edits. I totally recommend this program!


Liv F.

Five weeks is not a long time. Through IFI's program, I was able to fulfill a project that could've taken months, in about 35 days (which is phenomenal).
The faculty are incredible, accessible and experts in their fields. They knew exactly how to suggest helpful criticism while still positively reviewing my work. Without them, I would not have been able to make my film.
The coordinators and heads of the program designed a great curriculum, and allowed for wonderful opportunities that mimicked the real, behind the scenes workings of the film industry. I was able to see that I love film theory, and I love directing, among other things.
I'm super grateful for the opportunity the IFI allotted me.


Eleonora B.

Finally, I decided to take the film making course...It was one of the best decisions ever.
If you have a dream just go for it! This is the best place to start. The teachers are AMAZING. Special thanks and all my respect to -Rona Mark, my favorite Film Director ANGEL ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ -Mario Paniagua, my hero supervisor, who does not know the word impossible -Fred Strype, the Best Screenwriting Guru.  It is very tough so be prepared. You will sweat, laugh and sometimes cry but the experience will stay with you forever.  Amazing people, life-long friends.
You will learn a lot. The best intensive course in Film making in NY. Go and try your wings.


Bruni L.

As parents we are completely satisfied with the experience and results of Sabrina's participation in the 5-week summer intensive. The environment provided for the student to feel safe and happy, it seemed all the kids made good friends. The student was able develop independence and developed the initiative to advance further their interest in the various stages of filmmaking.
The staff is resourceful. Sabrina grew her technical skills and knowledge in the filmmaking- she still prefers the cinematography. The structure of this program allowed her to participate not only in her movie but also in others while doing what she prefers and knows best. Teamwork was excellent.
We are happy to have chosen Sarah Lawrence Summer Film Intensive for our daughter. The staff from the Film Institute of New York put their heart and 200% effort to support these students to make a professional-grade movie, under a safe and educational structure. I will definitely recommend this summer program for high school kids that are serious about filmmaking.


Dash K.

I couldn't have enjoyed or benefitted from this program more. It has taught a newcomer to the film industry, someone with no experience enough to write, produce, direct and edit a movie--something that still seems baffling to me. I could not have asked for better teachers, supporters, or friends. This program has not only taught me the intricacies of film production, but also the joy of being in the presence of people with the same ambition and interest in cinema. At first I was put off by the heavy concentration on curfews and being in one's room. But I quickly realized that it was of little importance when compared with the benefits this program was providing me. Thank you for your help.