To support aspiring filmmakers as they work toward an education in film.

The International Film Institute was created to provide intensive, comprehensive, and quality training in the art and craft of cinematic story telling including, but not limited to, screenwriting, directing, production, and editing lead to the creation of a short film by each student.  In addition to learning the technical disciplines and aesthetic principles of filmmaking, students also watch and discuss classic films being given, thereby, a sense of the historical and culture context of motion pictures in our society. Filmmaking – narrative, documentary, or experimental – is a collaborative endeavor and developing that skill, which will serve them well in the industry and beyond, will be an essential component of their experience at IFI.

The intensive, hands–on nature of our classes provide a firm foundation for students who intend to pursue professional careers in the motion picture or television industry or those who intend to go on to undergraduate or graduate schools. Our small class sizes guarantee each student an ample amount of one-on-one time with faculty.

We think the quality of an instruction team is critical to providing the most useful learning experience. Accordingly, our faculty includes award-winning, working professionals who generously pass on their academic knowledge and share their real world experience. In addition,
the IFI provides technical and administrative support staff to insure students receive sufficient guidance in achieving their final project goals.

Though our programs emphasize content over equipment, the IFI believes it is vitally important to understand, and be adept with, the actual tools of the industry. The workshops are designed around up-to-date technologies rather than outmoded systems that might be taught at other film schools and workshops.
The IFI curriculum is unique, not because of the amount of equipment available, but because of its overarching aim to establish an institution joining foundational knowledge to first hand technical experience capped by advanced experiential school counseling.

We take our philosophy “to support aspiring filmmakers” seriously and we expect a similar level of dedication and effort from our students.


We are a non-degree program and participation does not imply or guarantee employment. Nor, admission to a college or university program which, with a strong video portfolio and minimum requirements (such as GPA and other per program specifics) must be taken into consideration in the application process. However, those students who complete the 5-Week Summer Intensive course are presented with a certificate.

The elements of a successful movie have remained constant since the inception of the art form. The International Film Institute of New York (IFI) was founded in 1997 to provide those with a sincere and abiding interest in filmmaking with a high-quality, low-cost education in all aspects of the filmmaking process: screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, and editing in a curriculum combining classroom instruction and hands-on technical workshops.

The IFI program utilizes the best of new digital format technology to teach fundamental skills at a steady and manageable educational pace in order to convey the basics of composition, shot development, editing, lenses, and filters using state-of-the-art video cameras and non-linear computer editing systems. This approach is based on the conviction that students, given a maximum amount of hands-on experience along with their commitment to the effort, will acquire the basic skill set invaluable in pursuing their chosen career.

In addition, our student body is diverse and multinational and our faculty comprised of experienced educational and industry personnel. A plus is that students, working with instructors and fellow classmates, will experience the critical importance of collaboration as well as producing a short, showcase film.  The IFI is a resource for advice and counsel on programs or film schools best suited for individual students. We firmly believe our goal, straightforward yet profound, is to lend a hand to students at the crucial beginning stage of their journey to the future.