To reserve a seat in a session a deposit, per applicant, is required. Deposits are applied to payment of the program price.  The balance of tuition is due upon receiving notification of pending payment. If you are registering within 7 days of the start of your program, please call to confirm availability. Full payment will be required at that time.

All Courses provided by The International Film Institute of New York require minimum enrollment to be conducted.  In the event that minimum enrollment is not achieved, full refund of deposit and, any additional tuition paid will be refunded 100%.  The International Film Institute of New York will notify participants 7 days prior to the start of the session.  Students will be contacted 7 days prior to the start of the session with details regarding course schedule and confirmation.

Deposits will not be refunded if cancellation occurs less than 14 days prior to the start of a workshop.  No refunds will be made once a workshop has begun.

If the program is fully subscribed when we receive your application, you will automatically be placed on a waiting list, and will be notified of your status by e.mail.  If you choose to withdraw from the waiting list, please notify us by e.mail, and your deposit will be refunded, in full.  We will call you only if a space becomes available, but you are welcome to call us at your convenience to inquire about your status. 

No Experience necessary to participate in our courses.  Class size will be limited depending on course and session requirements.  All course materials will be provided.  Location, Final Schedule, and Course Syllabus will be available prior to the start of the course.  During any production related courses no open shoes, sandals, flip flops should be worn to protect from injury.  To participate in technical workshops requiring the use of electricity and or heavy equipment, student may be asked to sign a waiver releasing the IFI and the location from any and all liability claims due to injury caused by using facilities and equipment.  Safety is our priority when on set. 
By registering and submitting payment for the participation in our program the applicant, hereby, assumes all risk of injury to person or property arising from or in any way related to or caused by the participation in workshops held by The International Film Institute of New York, and hereby knowingly and voluntarily expressly release The International Film Institute of New York, and its officers and employees, from all liability for claims or damages arising from said participation in its workshops.

The International Film Institute of New York reserves the right, without penalty, to make changes in published workshop schedules whenever, in their judgement, conditions warrant.  The IFI also reserve the right, without penalty, to withdraw workshops announced or to decline to accept any person if insufficient space is available, subject only to the requirement that a full refund will be made to the participant if The IFI cancels a workshop or declines a participant. Dates, schedules, program details, and costs, although provided in good faith, are subject to change and revision.Type your paragraph here.