DATE : november 9, 2019

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

TUITION: $199.00


This course is designed for individuals looking to explore video lighting or for intermediate Vloggers / video producers looking to expand their on-set tool kit for more professional looking videos.

Whether you are a business, individual, presenter, beauty guru, or online video star, look your best on screen. Master lighting yourself, or other presenters, regardless of your genre or location.



Get to know production lighting equipment as well as light shaping and modifying to get the best look possible for your video projects.

This is an intro/intermediate level workshop for video makers ready to up their lighting style with basic lighting techniques.



Topics of discussion will include:

- Types of lights and their uses

- Tools to shape and modify the light

- Lighting looks, Interview, beauty, dramatic,

- Working with different types of light and Balancing for location light

- DIY lighting kits

This is a one day That will cover the following:

The workshop will begin with a review and discussion of different lighting techniques along with a crash course in general lighting.

During the afternoon session we will review individual project needs and discuss ways to improve set ups. This will include tweaking your looks and suggesting additional gear to improve your overall production.



No Experience necessary to participate in the Lighting for Vlogs Workshop.  Class size will be limited.  No additional expenses, beyond tuition, will be required.  All course materials will be provided.  Location, Final Schedule, and Course Syllabus will be available prior to the start of the workshop.  Classes begin promptly at 10:00 AM unless otherwise specified. In the event that a field trip is scheduled throughout the week students will be provided directions to meet at the specified location.  All site visits scheduled will be within New York City.  During production related session no open shoes, sandals, flip flops should be worn to protect participants from injury.  To participate in technical workshops requiring the use of electricity and or heavy equipment, students will be asked to sign a waiver releasing the IFI and the location from any and all liability claims due to injury caused by using facilities and equipment. 

Safety is our priority when on set.