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Producing starts with an idea. The Introduction to Producing seminar is for individuals interested in the role of Producer and who would like to learn the fundamentals relating to the responsibilities involved in the production, distribution and exhibition of created content. Building the creative team, script development, research, finance, legal and insurance issues will also be discussed. This course is suitable for beginners with no previous experience.


                       What is the role of a Producer?
                              - Turning story ideas into profitable films
                              - Putting together a creative and talented cast and crew
                              - Being responsible for all aspects of a film’s productioN

                              - Characteristics of a Producer                                            

                      I. DEVELOPMENT
                                     The Film’s Story
                                     Hiring and working with Writers
                      II. PRE-PRODUCTION
                                     Hiring the Creative Team
                                     Budgeting the Film             
                                     Financing the Film   
                      III. PRODUCTION
                                     Responsible for all Day-to-Day Operations
                                     Communication and Consultation with all key personnel
                      IV. POST-PRODUCTION
                      V. DISTRIBUTION
                                    Selling and Distributing

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Stephanie Serra works as a producer and director in New York. She is the founder of TRISERRATOPS Productions, an independent production company dedicated to delivering content for and about children. Serra’s goal as a filmmaker and mission at TRISERRATOPS is to create films that broaden young audiences perspectives of the world. TRISERRATOPS collaborates with producers, directors, and writers, both domestically and abroad. TRISERRATOPS is currently developing a live-action series of short films for young audiences, as well as its first feature film.  Serra’s film slate includes award-winning short films, CHRISTINE (2016), and STEEL (2014). TADPOLES (2017) a Norwegian co-production and Serra’s directorial debut is currently slated to premiere in the 2018 film festival circuit.

No Experience necessary to participate in the One-Week Introduction to Filmmaking Seminar.  Class size will be limited.  No additional expenses, beyond tuition, will be required.  All course materials will be provided.  Location, Final Schedule, and Course Syllabus will be available prior to the start of the seminar.  Please note that the workshop begins on a Monday and ends on a Friday.  Classes begin promptly at 10:00 AM unless otherwise specified. In the event that a field trip is scheduled throughout the week students will be provided directions to meet at the specified location.  All site visits scheduled will be within New York City.  During production related session no open shoes, sandals, flip flops should be worn to protect participants from injury.  To participate in technical workshops requiring the use of electricity and or heavy equipment, students will be asked to sign a waiver releasing the IFI and the location from any and all liability claims due to injury caused by using facilities and equipment.  Safety is our priority when on set.